DOCOMO-Salescom begins



Salescom? Gutsy as it sounds gutsy it is. Though TheAgence may not be interested in debating how the term was coined we are certainly interested in telling what we have done to it eventually bringing credibility to the job. Docomo wanted to further its distribution network to the rural pockets of MPCG (India) and at the same time use the campaign for instant sales to measure ROI. Any idea was valid until it brought back sales and increased activation figures. A float was designed to get the idea across. But this was no usual branding van that ran across the heartlands blaring slogans and flashing artworks. It was in fact a complete apparatus technically equipped to close a sale and activate a cellphone connection. At the same time it complying with all the legalities of the land related to mobile communications. It worked wonders for DOCOMO for it gave an unprecedented reach into the rural pockets in a matter of months. The idea of closing a sale immediately was unknown before this feature packed campaign was launched.

A prospect comes to the float out of curiosity. The promoter explains him the benefits of the plan and the features of a DOCOMO connection. Interested prospect is photographed using a digital camera. His document (identity) is photocopied and printed using a scanner photocopy machine there and then and the necessary forms are filled. His connection is activated in a matter of hours. That’s Salescom.

Whats Special about a Salescom Float?

When you are equipped to close a sale at the point of contact in realtime it does generate a high probability for sales. A rural customer needs instant solution and he may not come back any soon to complete formalities as his lifestyle more or less runs on linear patterns. A float equipped with a digital camera, a scanner photocopier, a proper announcing system coupled with our marketing innovation of music in local dialect seldom fails to hit the right note. The idea is crucial to marketers trying to get a foothold and gaining a market share in the heartlands of India and the African continent. With large distances to be covered between urban settlements and lesser availability of service points or lack of regular markets makes the Salescom float the only source of reaching the target customers.

Creating rural Communication that Delivers