A T-shirt Beyond Attitude

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What can a message on a Tee do to a brand? Well a lot if you ask us. So whats new with this Tee that it makes it a super star Tee? For the record this Tee worn by two ushers at Mobile World Congress Barcelona fetched m-Adcalls orders worth $20000(approx figures). Interested? Read on..

While going to the MWC the challenge posed by the guys was about being seen and getting noticed among thousands of operators and content providers worldwide. Any takeaway was worthless in this sea of information overload. The idea that cracked the puzzle was a Tee. Ushers would later wear the same at the congress with a device in their hand showing prospects how a free call can be made worldwide (courtsey m-Adcalls). The Tee worn by them read a broad message.
‘I Can Help You Make Love for Free’. Mischievous and naughty it sounded the actual message read- ‘I can help you make calls to people you love anywhere in the world free of charge. The message did wonders and executives out of curiosity listened to the girls who could in turn showcase the product. Result was amazing and the same idea hit the spot at Qualcomm Uplinq at San Diego.
Scandalous Humor and Return of Scandalous Humor is our internal code for the fun idea that was equally successful with its sequel.