m-Adcalls at Qualcomm uplinq San Diego


Qualcomm uplinq is the conclave of select mobile tech partners worldwide. TheAgence left no stones unturned to get the message across this year at Qualcomm uplinq at San Diego. ‘Free Everything Begins Here’ was the simple statement that said volumes about the next revolution in mobile communications. Uplinq is a unique platform by Qualcomm for sharing innovation and forging partnerships to advance global reach. m-Adcalls made a deserved impact on the conclave and the partnerships forged are about to roll out in the coming few months in Malasia, Argentina, India, Bangladesh and a few more south east Asian and middle East countries.
Details do make an idea what it is. The T shirt worn by the ushers was a small yet interesting way to communicate and bring in the audience to take note.
‘I can help you make love free’ was the broad message on the Tee of course with a few meaningful reading between the lines. Read more about the story of Tee here.