National Steel – a giant awakens


National Steel and Agro Industries Limited is one of the market leaders in steel manufacturing and marketing business in central India with a relative market share of more than 80%. Its a true giant and has a distribution network like no other into the deepest pockets of central India. Its dealer distributor network have been developed over decades on carefully maintained relationships and focused approach towards product delivery. Its galvanized plain and galvanized corrugated sheets form basic needs in rural India for roofing solutions and other purposes.

National realized the need for a focused marketing approach for strengthening associations with the network and the rural consumer in general.

Solution: Rural Olympics

Music and games are the oldest known entertainment and engagement mediums to man. While music is instant connect, games become a feature and contain within themselves the potential to weave into rural folklore. The names associated with these games become personalities and gain permanent mindshare. While engaging with the rural audience an event  no more remains a marketing effort alone but builds associations far beyond marketing campaigns.

why this story holds importance?

Beginning  with small initiatives in clusters this feature is slowly gaining momentum and is coming into its own. Though rural games have been a permanent feature in certain cultures and states in India itself yet no effort has ever been made to build relationships through these games. National steels has relied on the research and insights from TheAgence to build relationships stronger than steel.