The Biggest Car Road Show Ever

TheAgence has completed 2 years of rural promotion duties for TATA Motors for nano. From Himachal Pradesh to Maharashtra nano is promoted among 15 states in the country. These activities have seen unprecedented success including introduction of many innovative firsts like Showroom on Wheels and regional inmusic branding. With due credits to Team nano at TATA Motors we present

 1,54,041 Enquiries

Now that’s a lot of eyeballs. A snippet into recorded data from September 2011 to Dec 2012 tells the sheer amount of prospects who have enquired on our promotional kiosks and Floats. An organized reporting format on a daily basis with TATA Motors makes us one of the most preferred agencies with them for their BTL scene.

34,309 Test Drives

That’s actually a lot of people test riding the nano in a span of 16 months. Making people to gather around may be easy, getting them to test drive is only easier said. Why? Well answers are complex. All you need to do is drop us a mail at and address it to Johnney Paul. His humorous approach would start giving you answers to the complex weave of Indian Rural demographics.

3,326 Cars Booked

Big Deal? Yeah Indeed its a big deal given the competitive market out there. TheAgence has a system in place that executes, promotes, tracks, handholds and also redeems promotional gifts during the process. Allow us a cup-of-coffee-and-the-back-of-a-paper-napkin presentation… we will make your eyes light up.

11,43,200 Kilometres

We have mapped the North Indian landscape above The Vindhyas and Vidharbha and Suarashtra like no other making us one of the widely travelled BTL folks in the commercial space. A centralised logistics system with sourcing vendors at key locations help us run the show with less breakdowns.

22,230 Towns

In the past 10 months alone we have covered 22,230 plus towns doing multiple activities at certain locations. Each town location and the activity is reported on a daily basis to TATA Motors on a mapped MIS. Each Location is based on a route plan pre decided with Local Sales officers and arrived using google maps for operational efficiency.


Between a test drive and a car being booked we have notched up impressive figures. A 9.69% conversion rate matches the best of industry standards. Again a series of engagement devices help us break through. A mere phone call to our regional hub at Indore at 0731 256182 can start things to roll on a weeks notice