DOCOMO-Salescom begins

When you are equipped to close a sale at the point of contact in realtime it generates a high probability of sales. A rural customer needs instant solution and he may not come back any soon to complete formalities as his lifestyle more or less runs on linear patterns. A float equipped with a digital camera, a scanner photocopier, a proper announcing system coupled with our marketing innovation of music in local dialect seldom fails to hit the right note.

Regional Music: The Brand Carrier

Nothing connects like music. Advertisement jingles bear testimony to the fact. Than why treat Rural Markets differently? Music is the soul and blood of upcountry living. Groups of people gyrating to earthy rhythms are an everyday sight. Yet, rural markets are strewn with pamphlets and painted red with wall paint. Ironic. TheAgence Rural Communication Practice has evolved regional music into a charming brand carrier. We develop full blown music albums in regional languages. The lyrics are set in the rural context and reflect the concerns and aspirations of the local populace but with a difference. They position the client...