Vernacular Call Center: TheAgence Speaks your Language


You’ve had great road show. Have generated huge number of enquiries. And Then?

And then something strange happens and it happens almost every time without fail. The data that you have gathered starts getting redundant, stale, gets mysteriously buried under layers of email or simply is lost in translation. And then there is TheAgence. It steps in to change the usual, correct the course, implement systems and helps you focus on the big picture. We verify your enquiries, Chaff them, Dice Them, Segregate them on interest levels and send you only the diamonds from the ore that your activation’s dig up

We have a dedicated vernacular call center employing a time tested verification process that is not oh-so-call-center-kinds. This call center specializes in robust data base management and tracking systems and good audit trails. It does what a call center is supposed to do- hand holding prospects and leading them to closure.This call center virtually becomes your Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for prospects, Managers, Dealers and ground staff. It becomes a filter and check point for information and even trends and ensures unnecessary clutter does not spill over to your side. Call us The Hub, a check dam or a filter. Instead Call us TheAgence.



In a country with changing dialect every 20 Kms. Its no less a challenge to speak the tongue of every prospect you come across. But everyone understands their regional language, therefore we employ people with different regional mother tongues and even train them through insights about prospect reaction based on known pointers on persuasion trends for each region from our vast experience. Yes we can greet in every language known in the country and get back to you with the responses in English.